and timeline for PY expeditions of january 2009


Jan, 19, 2009: Japy DX / Rio DX receive congratulations from PY4OG, PY2REK, PS7JN, PY5MZ, PP5XX via VHF-DX.

Jan, 18, 2009: Conclusion of ZY6Y operation. QSO not achived with V5/N7BHC. PY2ENO is travelling back to Sao Paulo/SP.

Jan, 17, 2009: PY2OC return to Jundiaí/SP.

Jan, 16, 2009: ZY6Y is trying QSO with PY4AQA in CW 144,2 MHz.

Jan, 16, 2009: ZY6Y will stay QRV on 144 MHz until staturday night.

Jan, 16, 2009: PY1ZV stay on the region of PT1A for make more tests with PYs on different locations.

Jan, 16, 2009: Conclusion of PT1A operation. QSO not achieved with V5/N7BHC. PY2HN and PY2OC back to Ubatuba/SP.

Jan, 15, 2009: ZY6Y is now with near QTH internet connection for skeds.

Jan, 15, 2009: PT1A and ZY6Y are trying QSO in 144,2 MHz CW.

Jan, 15, 2009: ZY6Y is ready now only on 144 MHz because mast problems.

Jan, 15, 2009: PT1A is trying PP5XX on 432 MHz. Tropo is very instable at afternoon due cold weather front around Rio de Janeiro.

Jan, 15, 2009: PT1A is calling on 50 MHz trying Es to LU/CX.

Jan, 15, 2009: The desert winds stay on Lüderitz around 80 km/h.

Jan, 15, 2009: ZY6Y is operational on 144 MHz and 50 MHz.

Jan, 15, 2009: More pictures and videos posted by Rio DX Group.

Jan, 15, 2009: First pictures has arrived from PT1A.

Jan, 14, 2009: PP5XX heard meteor pings of PT1A but not able to repeat the QSO for now.

Jan, 14, 2009: PU1BRA will QRV from 00:01 Z Jan, 16; GG99up; 144,2 MHz and/or 144,180 MHz CW/FT65b.

Jan, 14, 2009: V5/N7BHC: The wind has died down enough for EME operation, so I expect we will be able to do tropo after moonset tomorrow morning, at 0830 UTC (Jan, 15).

Jan, 14, 2009: PT1A - ZY6Y teams are calling for skeds with ZD8, ZD7 and ZS1 DXers, as well new PY stations.

Jan, 14, 2009: PP5FMM will be in Rancho Queimado/SC from Jan, 17 to all weekend for check the HF antenna park after the heavy winds but also ready on 144,2 MHz horizontal polarization.

Jan, 14, 2009: PP5XX will be QRV at this PY night for 432 MHz FM tests, horizontal polarization.

Jan, 14, 2009: ZY6Y will be QRV at this PY night. He´s having problems with internet access and telephony, they are instables but he´s ready for skeds and QSOs. Is expected stay on the station untill next saturday night.

Jan, 14, 2009: ZD8I: II22TB, QRV 144.299.20 JT65b. 100W and a single 9-element beam - location is 700m ASL with a clear view to the horizon. I will give you seveeral calls from 1830z and again at 1900z. ZCZC. Via PT7ZAP.

Jan, 14, 2009: V5/N7BHC: We have high winds, probably gusting over 100 kph. The antenna is tied down but still bouncing around a lot. The antenna trailer was actually starting to lift off the ground a little. There is sand and dust everywhere, and its hard to stand up. It looks very unlikely we will be on the air this evening unless the wind dies down a lot. I expect it will drop overnight, and hope to be ready to go tomorrow about 10 am. I will alert everyone of there is a change and we can be on today.

Jan, 14, 2009: PY1ZV made a test on-line live video channel of PT1A.

Jan, 13, 2009: PY2HL will be QRV tomorrow for tests with PT1A on 432 MHz, horizontal polarization.

Jan, 13, 2009: PT1A made QSO with NP4A on 50 MHz. The team is also trying PS7JN on JT65B.

Jan, 13, 2009: PT1A made QSOs with PY2ANE, PY1RY, PY2HL and PU1BRA by Backscatter 144 MHz.

Jan, 13, 2009: V5, ZY6Y and PT1A operations news are spread over Make More Miles on VHF.

Jan, 13, 2009: PY2EJ is planning a portable operation in GG66 area for join the tests.

Jan, 13, 2009: PY5LF is also ready from GG54JM. Horizontal polarization.

Jan, 13, 2009: Transatlantic operations is in the headline of the QRZ.COM newsdesk

Jan, 13, 2009: V5/N7BHC 0250 Z: V5/N7BHC is now actively listening and calling on 144.299.2. Good work on all they DX in Brazil...I have none on tropo here.

Jan, 12, 2009: New QSO of PY4OG with V5/KT6Q confirming the grid square #100 in EME 144 MHz for PY4OG. VUCC is coming.

Jan, 12, 2009: PT1A made new QSOs with PY4OG, PY4AQA, PU1SFF, PY1UR and PP5XX around 750 km with very signals.

PP5XX - PT1A 750 km QSO in CW. Recorded by PP5XX/PY5CC.  

PP5XX - PT1A 750 km QSO now in SSB. Recorded by PP5XX/PY5CC.

Jan, 12, 2009: PU1BRA is also QRV for transtlantic tests from GG79UP. Horizontal polarization.

Jan, 12, 2009: PT1A made QSO with PY2REK in 144,2 MHz CW, around 500 km.

Jan, 12, 2009: V5/N7BHC: Nothing was heard from Brazil here today in V5. The moon has now just risen so the station is switched to EME. We will be back on trans-Atlantic tropo at 0630 UTC. We are on 144.114 EME. The last hour before moonset will be pointing at PY as well, so also listen for the signal there until 0630 UTC.

Jan, 12, 2009: PT1A team has arrived in the QTH of operation. PT1A

Jan, 11, 2009: After one hour of attempts PY4OG worked V5/KT6Q in 144 MHz EME.

Jan, 11, 2009: Expeditions = DX + great landscapes + friendship. PY2ENO in Bahia travelling to ZY6Y: The moon was like a big lighthouse eye last night, while I was driving up north coasting the sea. It was amazing to imagine, while driving, that the moon surface would be reflecting V5 signals all over the globe! I was trying to explain to my 8 years old daughter what would be happenning up there while we're on the road, among the wonderfull coast line landscape...

Jan, 11, 2009: Expeditions = DX + great landscapes + friendship. N7BHC in Lüderitz : Our location looks a lot like the moon! There are almost no plants, just rocks, sand, and sea, with lots of wind. There is a seal colony on an island just off the coast a few hundred meters, and dolphins in a small bay just a few hundred meters from our QTH...

Jan, 11, 2009: Previous sked of ZS6HS for this week:

WSJT PSK41 2nd period from 0500 Z.
50,200 MHz USB 200 W 8el Quadyagi.
432,100 MHz 100 W to 2 x 17 el yagi (PA faulty).
144,200 MHz USB only 80 W (PA faulty) 2 x 10 el skeleton slot and Gaesfet preamp.
Transatlantic stations

Jan, 11, 2009: EME sked from V5/KT6Q:

January 11th activity plan:
144.094 1st 19z to 22z
144.114 1st 22z to 05.15z
432.090 1st 19z to 21z
and from 02z to 05.15z
1296.090 1st 21z to 02z

January 12th tentative activity plan:
144.094 1st 20z to 22z
144.114 1st 22z to 06.30z
432.090 1st 20z to 22z
and from 03z to 06.30z
1296.090 1st 22z to 03z

We will be looking especially for VK stations! ZL only within reach on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, will be looking especially for them than!

Jan, 11, 2009: PY2ENO arrives at Salvador, Bahia for tomorrow stay on the journey to ZY6Y. Radio operation is expected to start on the late afternoon. ZY6Y

Jan, 11, 2009: PY2OC is travelling to PY2HN starting the trip to PT1A. PT1A

Jan 11, 2009: PT7TT is also join transtlantic tests from GI97wc. Transatlantic stations

Jan 11, 2009: PY4OG made severla EME contatcs but still not V5: U7XL –IK2DDR – F5GHP – F1TE – PA3DOL – G4FUF – IK1FJI – K1OR – SP2OFW. Here one video of the latest DX

Jan 10, 2009: PY0FF informs that PY0FF/B setup now is 7 element Yagi horizontal polarization beamed to Africa with 50 Watts output at 144,2986 MHz. Taking a view from Brazil, mostly of our directions when toward V5/KT6Q also matches several ZS locations, so South African stations should try this new one and stay tune to possible listen signals came from Brazil during the transtlantic tests.

Jan 10, 2009: N7BHC to PY2ENO: "The V5/N7BHC station is monitoring 144.2992 WSJT, 2nd period (we transmit 1st). We can also see CW ± 500 Hz. We will monitor until 0415 UTC with a single yagi. From 0415-0900 UTC, we can monitor and call CQ with 300 watts and the 4 2m9 EME array. All stations can call us on CW or JT65B at any time".

Jan, 10, 2009: N7BHC @ V5/KT6Q confirmed 144,2992 MHz as new JT65B/SSB/CW frequency. JT65B prioritary. Africa TX first. 432,150 MHz remains for the same modes in UHF.

Jan, 10, 2009: PY4OG selected the best times for EME path between PY4 <> V5 and call for sked. He´s looking for #100 EME grids.

Jan, 10, 2009: ZY6Y will operated with 110 Watts in 144 MHz and not higher beacuse PA hardware problems.

Jan, 10, 2009: JT65B frequency will be change because cable TV interferences in northeast Brazil on previous QRG. The previous QSY is to 144,299 MHz but to be confirmed.

Jan, 10, 2009: N7BHC @ V5/KT6Q confirmed that the 19XXX antenna was destroyed and 11 elements firstly devoted to FM mode now used for JT65B, SSB and CW operations. The big Ropper Ladder expected to be mounted on Sunday. All in horizontal polarization.

Jan, 10, 2009: V5/KT6Q makes 150 QSOs by EME 144 MHz.

Jan, 10, 2009: PP5XX announces monitoring on that weekend 50 MHz and 144 MHz.

Jan, 10, 2009: PT7ZAP change polarization of his 144 MHz antenna for horizontal looking for DX.

Jan, 10, 2009: ZS1TX, ZS1AGF (Cape Town) and ZS6HS (Johannesburg) send messages of greetings and join the tests.

Jan, 09, 2009: ARRL Propagation Bulletin ARLP002 spread ZY6Y:

Jan, 09, 2009: PY0FF change polarization of his 144 MHz array for horizontal looking for DX.

Jan, 09, 2009: N7BHC @ V5/KT6Q: "The winch cable on the tower with the yagi snapped yesterday as we were raising the tower, damaging the antenna badly. We are working to rebuild and get it up today". But will stay in 144,25 MHz JT65 "running horizontal polarity with a yagi of some kind". EME: "90 QSOs on EME last night on 2m".

Jan, 09, 2009: PY2OC organized skeds with several PYs for PT1A.

Jan, 09, 2009: After long work with authorities, Japy DX finally receive the special calls permissions: PT1A for Cabo Frio operation and ZY6Y for Bahia operation.

Jan, 08, 2009: Daily DX Vol 13 #006 spread the Cabo Frio operation (future PT1T):

Jan, 08, 2009: PY2REK QRV from south Sao Paulo for transatlantic, horizontal polarization.

Jan, 08, 2009: PY2ENO under way to ZY6Y.

Jan, 07, 2009: Japy DX receives messages of lucky, call of informations and skeds from PY4OG, PY2SRB, PP5XX, OZ2M, K2ERG, K3EGE, W2EV, W3UR, DL8EBW, EA6VQ, IK0FTA.

Jan, 04, 2009: Japy DX meeting at PU2WDV for hardware final config and discuss WSJT operation.

Dec, 24, 2008: PY2ZX and PY1ZV communications. Japy DX and Rio DX join forces to build one DX station in Cabo Frio region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Transatlantic tests of January 2009.

Dec, 19, 2008: End of the year´s meeting of Japy DX members in Bulls Grill barbecue at Sao Paulo. Planning of 2009 activities and decison to setup a second station to Transatlantic experiences in Rio de Janeiro (future PT1A).

Dec, 04, 2008: PY2ENO accepted the challenge to septup one Japy DX station in northeast Brazil to be a sister american operation of Lüderitz african transatlantic expedition (future ZY6Y).

Oct, 21, 2008: ZS6WB announcement of V5 expedition in Lüderitz could experience also the Tropo Ducting between Africa and South America. N7BHC wrotte about how interesting could be expeditions in northeast coast of Brazil to achive this QSO and study the path.

2008: PY2ZX and N7BHC e-mails exchange about Transoceanic Tropo Ducting conditions across South Atlantic and beacons setups.

More informations: ZY6Y - PT1A - V5/KT6Q - More transatlantic stations

News came from Japy DX - Rio DX - N7BHC - PY0FF - DL8EBW - PT7ZAP - PY4OG - PY2REK - PP5XX and ...

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